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Iain Barker

Co-Founder and Principal, Meld Studios

from Sydney / Australia

Iain Barker


Growing Human-Centred Design Across Queensland Government, Australia

Thursday, September 6
14:15 – 15:00
Conference Room

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About Iain

Iain is a human-centred designer, co-founder of Meld Studios, trainer and qualified director (GAICD) with over 20 years experience helping organisations use customer insights to inform and lead change that drives value for customers, staff and shareholders.

Starting in digital channels during the dot-com boom in London, he quickly realised that digital alone can’t solve an organisation’s problems. He realised it is critical to understand the needs and behaviours of people and to use these insights as an additional data point to inform strategic decision-making.

Since forming Meld Studios in 2009, he has helped decision-makers and design practitioners in complex organisations better understand and explore what they can do to make a meaningful change to the experiences of their customers and staff. This often results not only in change at the point of interaction between the organisation and its customers, but also cultural and structural change within the organisation – after all it is impossible to create joined-up customer experiences if the organisation works in disjointed, siloed ways.

He is passionate about enthusing others with the power of human-centred design and in the last few years have spoken at various conferences in Australia, the States and Europe, and established a series of training workshops and design capability programs offered at Meld Studios.

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