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Curtis Michelson

Founder and Principal, Minds Alert, llc

from Orlando / USA

Curtis Michelson

Master Class

When a Framework Meets a Roadmap, New Vistas Open

Friday, September 7
13:45 – 16:00
Master Class Room

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About Curtis

Professional Journey

After 15 years of building applications and metadata systems for publishers and media companies, I tapped into a “super power” – helping clients discover and negotiate product features/benefits trade-offs, to make the best technology decisions. In 2012, it was time to turn my skill into a fulltime venture so I launched Minds Alert – to offer counsel to organizations that need to see through technical language and vendor sales pitches, to get focus and make smarter strategic decisions. With my background supporting University presses, I decided to stay closely planted in Higher Ed, and to support the wide ecosystem of libraries, academic societies, associations, and startups.

My research interests hover around tools of collaboration and the “soft skills” of emotional intelligences, meta-cognition and culture change. I’m the co-creator of the Discovery Leadership framework and I use this framework and just-in-time coaching techniques with clients.

Globally, I network with like-minded change facilitators and thinkers. I’m also actively learning the Enneagram personal typology system because I believe it’s a useful growth tool to assist leaders at all levels to move organizations forward. My enneagram coach is Clarence Thomson.

Personal Journey

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Graduated B.A. Philosophy and minor in Computer Science from Florida International University in 1989. I was a community organizer in the PIRG movement and in 1991 moved to Orlando to open a campaign office and led nightly door-to-door field campaigns around Central Florida. I’ve been involved in political and community organizing throughout my life around issues of environment, healthy democracy and legacies of racism. I’m currently serve on the board of Southern Truth and Reconciliation (STAR) and I’m an active member of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). Today, my professional and personal journeys intersect as I find more and more parallels between political activism or social change making and corporate or organizational transformations and enterprise design.

About Minds Alert

Key products and services:
Strategic Discovery/Planning, Product Innovation/Testing, Organizational Development, Agile Coaching/Training, and development of breakthrough business models.

Core markets/clientele:
Nonprofits, Media/Publishing, Higher-Education

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