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Milan Guenther Guro Røberg


Conference Welcome: Scaling Ambitious Endeavours

Thursday, September 6
9:30 – 10:00
Conference Room

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Milan Guenther
Partner, EDA
Author of

Guro Røberg
Moderator at Intersection18, Strategic Design Lead, Designit

"Broken customer relationships, silos and misalignment, disengaged employees, lack of purpose, operations failures, overpromising underdelivering brands, lack of trust, power play and politics, complicated systems... are symptoms of bad Enterprise Design. Any great product, service or experience relies on an enterprise designed to deliver."
Milan Guenther

When calling for contributions to our 5th conference edition, we witnessed a shift: from the undercover practice of the past, retro-fitting UX/Service Design or Business/Enterprise Architecture initiatives, to clearly scoped and mandated Enterprise Design stories. More than just a common ground, we see that applying design practice holistically and systemically can bring about innovation, and make transformation work. We found further evidence for Enterprise Design's "coming of age" in the results of our practitioner surveys on Enterprise Design definitions and artifacts.

This conference is still at the intersection of various fields. Enterprise Design questions are transversal topics for anyone concerned with Scaling Ambitious Endeavours by design: agility and self-organization, complex systems and design leadership, making links and leaps to facilitate execution.

More than ever, we believe enterprises can and need to be designed. We are engaged in building a network of practitioners around Enterprise Design as a discipline.

Guro and Milan will give an overview of the conference program and speakers, and talk about what's next in the emerging field of Enterprise Design.