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Filip Callewaert


Meta & meet: the core of your digital and physical workplace design

Friday, September 7
11:15 – 12:00
Conference Room

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Filip Callewaert
Responsible for the Digital Workplace, Port of Antwerp Authority, Green Party, Silobusters

This session focuses on the necessary unifying basic infrastructure for the company that you are designing. We provide cases and theory of what's possible through a unifying digital workplace that has a huge potential to connect people, information and things.

The cases that we show are practices from the Flemish Green Party, the Port of Antwerp Authority and some other Belgian organisations that have started their search for more unifying digital workplaces, and that I support as an employee and freelancer.

Organisations, corporations, companies have the mission to be ONE: one group of people gathering around one mission and goal. And to achieve that goal, they start a never-ending process of organising things, information and people.

But the traditional hierarchical, waterfall-type, unifying mechanisms fail today. The VUCA world makes it much harder than it used to be. Volatility, complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty force every member of the organisation to be a sensor and an agent connecting and dynamizing inner and outer networks. But is our organisation built for this information-model?