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Milan Guenther Alexandre Simon

Master Class

Mapping Enterprises

Thursday, September 6
14:15 – 16:30
Master Class Room

Milan Guenther
Partner, EDA
Author of

Alexandre Simon
Service Design Director, Hiveworks

In order to design better enterprises, we need to be able to collaboratively explore our environment and develop a shared perspective how to reshape them. This requires us to talk about them within our own diverse teams, and with a variety of stakeholders with different concerns. In this session, Alexandre and Milan will introduce a workshop format to map out various relevent aspects of enterprise transformations.

We will be using the Enterprise Design Modelling Language (EDML), part of the Enterprise Design Framework. It is designed to be used as common language to express current (as is) and future (to be) states across a wide range of interrelated viewpoints on the enterprise, connecting and translating between them, such as

  • Strategy, Products and Business Models
  • Customer Experience and Journeys
  • Service Design and Delivery
  • Process Design and Operations
  • Organization Design and Structure
  • IT Systems and Applications

Based on a brewery client facing our design team with a typical challenge to be tackled in this kind of workshop, participants will learn

  • how to bring in existing insights and make the leap (from current state to facilitating decisions leading to a future state)
  • how to make killer models to get key points across (standard and custom mappings)
  • how to work with a meta-model (deciding what to map out and what to leave out)
  • how this work fits into a typical design process applied to a complex environment (Product/Service Design and Enterprise Architecture initiatives)