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Johannes Stock Nadja Peltomaki

Master Class

Levelling up innovation

Thursday, September 6
11:00 – 13:15
Master Class Room

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Johannes Stock
Principal Consultant & Design Strategist, Futurice

Nadja Peltomaki
Business Strategist, Futurice


How Lean Service Creation (LSC) and an IoT-Service-Kit help you and your team to co-create digital service ecosystems.

What is the Masterclass about?

Innovation work is hard. Given the the pace of change in business, the complexity of company environments, and the diversity of teams, we need new ways of working. In this masterclass, designers will become familiar with two well-proven tools that enrich their design repertoire. Deeply rooted in human-centred design, these tools increase agency and allow everybody to be an active contributor to the innovation process. Its inclusive, non-competitive nature makes it a perfect fit for every team that wants to level up their innovation game.

How will the Masterclass look like?

Futurice will provide a use case - modeled after a real customer problem - and guide the attending teams to take the idea to a tangible concept that takes user, business and tech into account. Working on the use case together, attendees profit from an introduction to our working method Lean Service Creation and will learn how to work with our IoT-Service Kit. In co-creation we will use a mixture of LSC canvases and IoT-Service Kit to:

Frame the problem

• Ideate and prototype possible solutions
• Understand how to take company restrictions and perspective into account
• Understand how to take the concept down to an implementable service
• Consolidate and present the results

The action-oriented workshop will take 2 hours 15 min. As additional take-aways participants will receive the LSC handbook including an instruction on how to use the tools in their own projects and an open-source version of the IoT-Service-Toolkit.

What is Lean Service Creation?

Lean Service Creation (LSC) is a methodology developed by Futuric to bring structure and focus to service creation. It is open for everybody as an open source and is used many companies already. In all simplicity, LSC is a simple process for creating services loved by people and business. It aims to shorten the time to market and enforces collaboration between design, business and tech. LSC makes it possible for you and the involved stakeholders to be on an equal ground. No one can hide behind their own jargon (not the bosses, not the experts) and everyone is given a voice to give feedback and to be creative.
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What is the IoT-Service-Kit?

The IoT Service Kit is a board game that brings domain experts out of their silos to co-create user-centric IoT experiences. Its main goal is to achieve mutual understanding and to make complex things tangible: The playful nature of the Kit brings down walls and naturally incites communication.You don’t need to be fully immersed in the tech world in order to use the Kit. The IoT Service Kit presents a comprehensive set of current technology that enables everyone to design for IoT.
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About Futurice:

Futurice is a digital consultancy focusing on digital service ecosystems, disruptions, and maker culture. Our purpose is to understand people’s behavior in order to redefine the way humans and technology interact. We show direction and design customer experiences. We code and help you develop the culture you need. We make future digital businesses and understand your big problems and make them approachable. We experiment and co-create together with our customers. Great services based on deep insights combined with the ability to execute. Founded in 2000, Futurice today has 500 digital natives in Munich, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Helsinki, and Tampere.
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