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Curtis Michelson Michael Lachapelle

Master Class

When a Framework Meets a Roadmap, New Vistas Open

Friday, September 7
13:45 – 16:00
Master Class Room

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Curtis Michelson
Minds Alert

Michael Lachapelle
Business Model Fulcrum

A DIVE into Delivering Strategic Value To Business And Customers

Enterprises face constant pressure to innovate on their products and services, while also adapting and evolving their organizational cultures. Despite an array of methods and approaches, there is a disturbing rate of poor performance and an even poorer success rate at balancing innovation across short, medium and long-term time horizons. The need to deliver more products or features and business changes in quicker cycles, has resulted in excessive focus on short-term innovation, and sometimes the delivery of the wrong things faster.

The current challenges are driven by:

• Hidden team dynamics, and even a lack of awareness of the human issues related particularly to discovery teams.
• The large gap between strategy (planned value) and delivery (realized value).
• The plethora of specialized disconnected methods for discovery-design-delivery, and very few helpful guideposts or roadmaps.

In this Masterclass, Curtis Michelson of Minds Alert, LLC and Michael Lachapelle of Business Model Fulcrum will introduce participants to a framework for teams to assess their skills (SEED) and a roadmap (MobiusLoop) for delivering outcomes that truly matter to customers and the business. Curtis will introduce a mini-version of the SEED assessment tool and allow masterclass participants to take an interactive self-assessment. Michael will give participants a sample of the Mobius roadmap and toolkit - a liberating structure that fully spans the continuum from Discovery to Delivery. This Masterclass will build on old and new ideas, share real world experiences and hands-on exercises.