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Rob van der Haar


From wireframing applications to designing organizations – an experience design perspective on transforming enterprises.

Friday, September 7
15:15 – 16:00
Conference Room

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Rob van der Haar
Principal Consultant, Informaat Experience Design

Many, if not all, enterprise organizations are in a digital and agile transformation. Transformations that should lead to better digital services and faster delivery of customer value and therefore offer ample opportunity to design excellent customer experiences.

In reality however these transformations are driven from a technology or operational excellence perspective and the organization consultants leading the change often have a blind spot when it comes to the role and implementation of design. The result is that the different design activities within the organization remain unaligned, that designers are not sufficiently integrated nor in control of the design process and that design management loses grip on the quality of the customer experience.

In the first part of his presentation Rob will explain how the digital transformation triggered internal design activities and how an organization can be made customer centric and design friendly by “hacking” the agile transformation. In the second part Rob will introduce a new transformation enterprises should be in if they want to remain relevant in the future: the experience transformation.