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Laurence Body Sylvie Daumal


Design led change in territories: a case study in a ski resort

Friday, September 7
14:30 – 15:15
Conference Room

Laurence Body
Founder, X+M

Sylvie Daumal
Co-Founder and VP Design, WeDigitalGarden

Ski resorts, alike big service companies, are showing a growing concern for making the visitor’s holiday experience flawless and seamless: driving there, checking in, taking the lifts, getting ski lessons...

The Compagnie des Alpes is operating the major ski resorts in the French Alps and is very much concerned with making its visitors more satisfied and loyal. It chose design thinking tools and methods to tackle the complexity, make it more collaborative including the inhabitants, the professionnals and local officials and conceive better experiences and services focused on people’s needs rather than processes.

Applied to a territory, this approach is ecosystemic and involves all the stakeholders willing to embrace change and work as a team. WeDigitalGarden is helping la Compagnie des Alpes to make French ski resorts first class destinations.