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Holger Eggert


Corporate Innovation for Innovative Corporations

Friday, September 7
13:45 – 14:30
Conference Room

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Holger Eggert
Strategic Experience Design, Levelgreen

There is a reason why big corporations are starting to build their own innovation labs these days, and this reason is the Fear Of Missing Out (#FOMO). Missing out on talent, missing out on what successful startups do, missing out on innovation in general, often described rather vaguely.

As a solution, these large corporations set up an innovation lab or something similar, sometimes under different names, but always with the same goal: to bring innovation into the company, preferably with a little start-up flair, and to give the upper management the pleasant feeling of having done their part. These initiatives almost always follow the same pattern. Unfortunately, they are therefore rarely successful. And in the interest of working like a startup, they forget why they are a big company in the first place.

In this talk Holger Eggert will explain the flaws and pitfalls of corporate innovation labs. Having worked on several of these initiatives, he knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t. And there is indeed a simple way out of this mess, it involves strategic design and furniture, among other things, and it is the logical answer to why Design Thinking failed. In essence, this will be fun.